InsightsMarketingB2B Vs. B2C Marketing: How And Why It’s Different

B2B Vs. B2C Marketing: How And Why It’s Different

Nourishing new technologies and finding new business opportunities in the Business-to-Business (B2B) space often requires a different marketing approach than that of the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) model. 

B2C marketing is typically meant to engage broad swaths of the population, with demographics often defined by age, gender, or geographic location. At the higher end, it may utilize beautiful, expensive design alongside short, catchy copy to drive certain consumer behaviors or actions. At the lower, it might focus on the basics of pricing and promotions. 

Of course, that’s a generalization! Especially with so many marketing tools available in today’s digital toolbox, B2C marketers are tasked with complicated, multi-channel campaigns that require skilled coordination and technical savvy – alongside sophisticated concepting and creative design.  

That said, however talented and accomplished, the typical B2C firm can often fall short in meeting the average B2B client’s more nuanced needs. 

The primary factor is cost. Typical B2C marketing firms and advertising agencies maintain a large overhead (including expensive staff and beautiful space), which dictates higher prices that aren’t realistic for many B2B clients. 

The second factor is resourcing. Successful B2B marketing is usually much more targeted in both its message and intended audience, requiring specialized knowledge of business models, marketplace needs, products, services and technology. In other words, to ‘get’ a client’s business, dedicated, higher-level resources are needed, which most B2C agencies simply can’t provide in a sustainable fashion. 

Third is the need for both tactical and strategic capabilities rolled into one. Small to mid-sized B2B companies often lack a full-time internal marketer – especially companies in the industrial segment. That means they need a seasoned partner who can both strategize AND implement their marketing programs, which is an uncommon combination in the B2C agency world. 

Number four: savvy. It can be difficult for a less-experienced external resource to navigate the internal workings of a B2B organization in the execution of deliverables (reviews, approvals, assignments/ prioritization of work, etc.) and the measurement of KPIs. You need someone with both soft skills and hard skills to truly drive a sustainable program into the future. 

Number five: breadth and depth. B2B marketing often grows into customized services such as executive and employee communications, public relations and community support and general content creation for a client’s digital platforms. B2C agencies are simply not set up to engage on that many levels with small-to-medium sized companies.  

So, where does that leave our small-to-mids? In the past, many of Sprout’s B2B client companies have tried the typical B2C agency route, ending in ‘dangling deliverables’ – i.e. a stand-alone brochure or website redesign that has languished. Some have tried hiring an outside consultant, resulting in expensive insights that didn’t lead to any real change or growth. They have tried engaging specialists who can only deliver isolated tactics on a singular channel. Then, of course, many companies hire a junior staff member to manage their marketing – or give marketing to someone on top of their existing job responsibilities. Spoiler alert: both usually end in tears! 

Most B2B companies without dedicated, internal resources need a partner who can quickly understand their business in its entirety and help them build an authentic narrative. They need a partner who can strategize and implement plans at the same time, at a price point that makes sense. They need a small, adroit, agile and modular team of experts who can create a customized plan that works to support their growth plans. Spoiler alert #2: Yes, that’s right, it’s Sprout. 

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Our values and principles

We believe in promoting authentic voices and adapting to the ever-changing marketplace needs.  To keep ourselves aligned with client needs and ahead of an increasingly complex marketplace, we have created a set of six corporate values by which to live:


No frills, no buzz words, no tricks. We will show up authentically in every interaction, and we will work to impart that authenticity into your brand.​


We leverage our extensive experience, thousands of hours, projects, programs, and activations to prioritize your needs and seize opportunities.​


From our pricing structure, to the promises we make- and even owning the occasional mistake, we will always aspire to fairness and honesty in our partnerships. ​


Our job is to help uncover and tell your story, and that means our best work starts with you. We are committed to listening and understanding first, and then delivering.​


We repurpose existing investments by leveraging historical assets, back-stories and images. Our continuous marketing support, instead of one-off projects, prepares clients for the future.​


We stay humble and dedicated to our craft. With a blue-collar work ethic, we produce smart, creative products promptly and within budget.​

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Engage Current Staff

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